Studio Pilates - 40 minutes of individualised attention in an energy lifting group dynamic

Studio Pilates Wellington Point offers a 40-minute workout to sculpt your entire body, and what a workout it is!!

It is intense, yet achievable.

It is enjoyable, yet challenging.

It is differentiated, yet a group dynamic!

It is awesome!

After each class I’ve attended so far I have felt that muscles all over my body have been used. Throughout the class different muscle groups are focused on... it feels right until the point you think you can't do anymore, then a new muscle group becomes the focus - the timing is perfected - and the expert instruction supports technique so you get the most out of each class.

TV screens line the walls to demonstrate each exercise and provide ongoing visual cues and timing reminders for participants. This is a genius idea in my opinion as it frees up the instructor to provide individualised instruction to class participants while the TV screen offers the general instructions. For myself, as a visual learner, the visual cues support me to understand each new exercise.

Studio Pilates at Wellington Point is an unpredicted experience. You enter the very ordinary stairwell between Chemist Warehouse and IGA and when you get to the top it is no longer ordinary as you see the inviting and elegant space of the Studio Pilates studio, complete with chandeliers!

A little on what to expect when you attend:

The lovely Lana greets you when you enter the reception

area – her friendly demeanour is so welcoming, and

despite my limited Pilates history, she made me feel like

instantly like I belong!

Ellen Elliss, owner and experienced instructor, opens the sleek black doors and invites you into the clean and classy workout space filled with twelve state of the art reformers.

The room fills quickly and the energy immediately lifts as Ellen guides you through some pre work-out stretches on the reformers while checking in with each participant individually. Ellen prepares you onto the reformers and a voice describing the first exercise comes through the speakers with the video demonstration to complement and the class begins! It is an engaging, well-timed forty minutes with movement and sculpting of all the major muscle groups of the body. Ellen does not stop. Nor do you!

Ellen is beyond impressive at how she engages with each participant, coaches technique, and keeps you motivated throughout the entirety of the class! She is a very gifted instructor.

She offered me seemingly simple word cues that would create slight changes to improve my technique, get the best out of the movement, and support injury prevention. When I thought I couldn’t keep going, Ellen would encourage me, and the exercise would switch, keeping it fun, engaging and attainable!

Each class I have attended so far at Studio Pilates Wellington Point has been so rewarding. Everyone in the groups has been friendly, supportive, and confident at working on their own levels. It has an incredibly supportive and positive vibe. The age range I have seen is (approximately) 20-70 years with beginners through to novice. The class truly allows for everyone to work within their limits, at a level that is personally challenging.

I attend regularly now and I see and feel just how valuable this class is for my body and my mind, and with my busy work and mum schedule, I love how this is all achieved in a swift 40 minute class.

I encourage you to have a go and see what reformer Pilates at Studio Pilates Wellington Point can do for you!

Classes are offered as early as 5am and as late as 7pm. With 48+ classes per week the spread of the timetable means there’s a class for everyone’s schedule! A lunch break class of 12:30pm is available on set days to get the most out of your lunch break!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Howard is the Redlands Social Mums Club Co-ordinator, local teacher, doctoral candidate, and Mum to an energetic one year old.

Jane is passionate about mental health and believes the COVID-19 pandemic increased isolation between Mums and communities. Meaningful connections with others can improve our life satisfaction. Jane has become the Redlands Social Mums Club Co-ordinator to support and encourage Mums in the Redlands to get out again, and make local Mum friends.

Thanks to our amazing photographer, and community partner, Iris Faith Photography, for her time and these wonderful photos

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Judy Johnston from Iris Faith Photography is a local Mum of two teenagers, and one border collie. She is a multidisciplinary photographer – maternity, newborn, family, wedding, and personal branding. Judy is kind, and passionate about providing her clients with a bespoke experience that is warm, organic and meaningful.


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