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Updated: Aug 19

I am in awe. I invited Judy, owner of Iris Faith Photography, to my house to do a family photo shoot with my daughter and I. When she left, I just wanted to give her a big hug!!

She captured our daily afternoon routine in such a beautiful way that will allow me to keep this memory on print of such special time with my one-year-old, that we all know passes way too quickly.

I am grateful for these photos and grateful I met Judy. She is kind, humble and generous with her time and talent. She captures photos in an authentic and organic way and edits them to add a natural vibrancy that’s hard to find.

Family Photography

Judy arrived, had a quick look around the home for a shoot location and chat with us, then we were underway! She listened, she observed, and she quickly understood that Iris and I are both happiest outside, so out we went! The photo shoot felt so seamless. Spending the afternoon outside with my daughter, with some simple direction here and there from Judy, and these beautiful photos were created.

From my experiences with Judy, it is my belief that the customer feeling comfortable, and enjoying the WHOLE process, is very important to her. She wants the experience to be a beautiful memory, as well as to produce beautiful photos. Her work is calm and natural, and I will look back on the experience very fondly.

She mentioned wanting to offer her clients a “bespoke experience”. Google dictionary’s definition of this is “made for a particular customer”. This was 100% what she gave us. I feel she captured my daughter and I in our element: natural, outside and happy.

Business Photography

I actually met Judy doing a photoshoot for Bayside Business owner Fiona Qian and her activewear brand, Sunfox Active. I am generally far from comfortable in front of the camera. When asked to do the photoshoot from Fiona as she was looking for “normal” mums, not models, I challenged myself to have a go. I felt nervous and awkward on arrival. Judy was fun, light-hearted and provided some gentle direction. I quickly felt comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. If you’re a mum in business like me, you may also wish to use her for personal branding. I asked Fiona why she has chosen Judy to be the photographer for her product and she said it’s because “she is a nice person and a very talented photographer, and I like the tone of her images”.

The tone is a positive comment I have received from nearly each person I have shown Judy’s photos too. The photos are warm and natural and edited to bring the best out in the subjects and surrounds.

Judy is a Mum of two teenagers, and her beautiful border collie. She is a lover of her husband, children, bushwalking, and coffee. She feels she has found her true calling and passion in photography. Her passion lies in family, newborn, and maternity photography, but her talent allows for all. She is a multidisciplinary photographer and I highly recommend you get in touch with her.





SPECIAL OFFER: As our community partner Iris Faith Photography is offering an amazing $100 off your journey.

As a local Redlands Mum, and our founding Community Partner, she is extending her generosity to all our Social Mums Club PLUS Members and offering $100 off your photo journey with her.

Iris Faith Photography is more than just a photographer. She captures memories and freezes them in time, authentically, to keep forever.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Howard is the Redlands Social Mums Club Co-ordinator, local teacher, doctoral candidate, and Mum to an energetic one year old.

Jane is passionate about mental health and believes the COVID-19 pandemic increased isolation between Mums and communities. Meaningful connections with others can improve our life satisfaction. Jane has become the Redlands Social Mums Club Co-ordinator to support and encourage Mums in the Redlands to get out again, and make local Mum friends.

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Judy Johnston from Iris Faith Photography is a local Mum of two teenagers, and one border collie. She is a multidisciplinary photographer – maternity, newborn, family, wedding, and personal branding. Judy is kind, and passionate about providing her clients with a bespoke experience that is warm, organic and meaningful.


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