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Bayside Social Mums Club

Social Mums Club was Founded by Kirsty Foster. Kirsty is a wife, and mother to three beautiful boys. After moving regularly with her family due to her husband's work commitments, she became adept at making friends and putting herself out there - a very tough task for many! She had a vision to make this process easier for other mums. This vision to support mums to connect with each other, and businesses, in their local communities and ultimately improve the lives of mums became a reality in Wynnum/Manly with the creation of Bayside Social Mums Club in 2021. The original Social Mums Club! 

Bayside Social Mums Club hosts weekly events in the postcodes of 4178, 4179, 4173, 4154 and 4174. If you are in the Bayside, join the club today, and find your tribe!