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I'm Jane Howard, Mum of one and owner of Redlands Social Mums Club.


I met Kirsty Foster, Founder of Social Mums Club, shortly after my daughter was born. I was incredibly grateful for Kirsty and the connections I made through the club that I wanted to become apart of helping other mums connect and find their village.

I was a 'late-blooming' first-time Mum who found herself quite lonely and isolated as a stay at home Mum after working full-time for 15 years. Social media is powerful in making connections and answering lots of mum questions online, however I found that making LOCAL connections was incredibly difficult. 

Social Mums Club allowed me to create my village, find like-minded Mum friends, and I found myself trying new things and taking on new hobbies... even motivating me to run my first half marathon! 

It is my hope that expanding Social Mums Club to the Redlands will allow Mums of all ages and stages in our community to find their tribe, and to make new connections with each other and with our local businesses too! 

#connectingcommunities #supportlocal #improvingthelivesofmums

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Hi I'm Kirsty Foster, founder of the Social Mums Club

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Hi, I'm Kirsty, founder of Social Mums Club.

My hubby used to be in the Air Force and even when he left, his career has moved us around a lot. Basically every 18 months for a 10 year period we moved to a new city or country.

Because of this we rarely lived near family. We never had grandparents to call on when we needed support and every time we moved we would leave our village of friends behind and had to start again from scratch.

It wasn't always easy but I'm a firm believer in 'adversity makes you stronger' so all this change and village building helped me build a 'special set of skills' (that has come in handy today).

I'm also an Early Childhood/Primary/Montessori teacher but I always had the feeling that my teaching career was my foundation career and not my end goal. But obviously the skills I developed from teaching has been super helpful in the development of Social Mums Club.

Fast-forward to 2019, my family and I moved to Brisbane - our final destination. We love it here, never want to leave and never want to move again.

My extended family lives in Brisbane (mum, dad, sister, neices, nephew, grandparents etc.) so after 14 years of parenting we finally have a local 'village' and we are feeling very settled.

When I arrived in Brisbane I was very excited to finally have my family around me, but of course now I didn't have my friendship village, which I had relied upon and valued previously.

It was now the COVID era so social distancing was making things tricky.

I was working as a relief teacher so was always in a different school and didn't really make any friendship connections that way.I did have a day off each week, but now that my boys were older they were all at school and kindy I felt weird turning up to playgroups or playgrounds to meet friends without a child. So I thought, how does one make mum friends when you are in my situation?

I did a little research and realised that there was definitely a need for new type of mother's group. One where it is more about the mums and less about the kids. 

One that allowed mums to meet other LOCAL ladies, this was important for logistical reasons. Who has the time and energy to travel cross the city to meet friends. It had to be easy.

So I started a FB group called Social Mums... to my surprise it literally filled up to 200 mums almost over night. It turns out I was not alone. There are many mums out there who don't have a village, are feeling isolated and just want to be part of something that's positive and uplifting.

I started arranging picnics and dinners for the mums in the group - made some amazing connections and felt so passionate and excited about the meaningful work I was doing for mums in my local community.

At the end of 2021 I gave up teaching and poured all of my efforts into growing Social Mums Club.

By mid-year 2022 we had over 3000 mums in Bayside Social Mums Club and in July 2022 Jane Howards started up Redlands Social Mums Club and I am so thrilled to be working with her.

I'm so proud of Social Mums Club and the amazing work that we are doing for the mums in our respective communities.

Our mission is to 'improve the lives of mums by connecting communities'.

Social Mums Club is a place for every mum (no matter what age or stage they are in) to make local friends and build a supportive and empowering local community.

I thank you for being part of the journey and I'm so grateful to have this amazing opportunity to provide you the wonderful mum friends you are searching for!

#improvingthelivesofmums #ConnectingCommunities